Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Two Pocket Card

Good Afternoon!

I made a two pocket card today.  The folding of the card was super easy - but then it became rather a trial in patience.

Before I show you the picture let me tell you why it was such a trial for me!

I decided to make my tags using my Pazzles die cutting machine and to use the Pazzles Pen Tool to write on each tag.  You see this week I decided that I was going to learn all I could about my Pazzles and not be afraid of it anymore!

I opened the software and finally found the images of "tags."  I  double clicked it which put it on my virtual mat and then I duplicated it until I had 7 of them.

I then used the "type" feature to create my words.  Then I had to figure out how to break the word apart and move the letters closer together.  I actually started on that part yesterday!

After posting for help and receiving it I was able to break my words apart and move them closer together.

Once that was completed I needed to make them horizontal.  That wasn't too difficult but I found out today that there is a button that you click and it automatically makes your words horizontal!  How fun is that?

The next step was to move them onto the tags. Once there I then selected the outside of the tag and made it red and the words I made blue. That way when you are ready to cut you can tell the machine to "cut" the blue line first - and that is when you put your pen in your pen holder and replace the blade holder.

Next you remove the pen holder and put the blade holder back into place.

So I'm ready to cut (remember this is my first time - most people can do this in seconds but oh no, not me!).  I told the machine to "write the blue lines."  It was going just great until my pen ran out of ink.  Seriously!  I then had to change pens 2 more times.  You would think it would be easy to find a pen in your house!  Once I had a good pen in the pen holder it wrote out perfectly.

I replaced the blade holder and cut out the tags.  All done with that part.  So now I'm looking for the protective plastic cover for my mat.  I just took it off.  The problem was I put it somewhere safe!  This is when I really hate the fibro fog. I looked and looked and this is a small room.  I still don't know where it is.  So I just used another protective sheet from an old mat.

What would normally take about 3 mintutes took me 1/2 hour. 

Let me show you the pictures then I will list the products that I used:

The card stock that I used is from Scrap Pad to Go from K&C Company.

The cardstock for the letters "Just for you" is Bazzills.

Before I put the ribbon  on (just from my stash) I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  The color is called barn door.  I also used my Xyron sticker maker to put the adhesive on the back of the ribbon and on the phrase.

I used the Inkssentials blending tool to apply the distress ink.

The rhinestone stickers are from K I Memories paisley parade.

I bought a lot of my supplies from Stamping Scrapping.  The paper and Ribbon are from Hobby Lobby along with some of my tools.

The technique for the Two Pocket Card I learnedfrom watching a video at Cindy's Technique and Tutorial site.  I learn so much from that site everytime I visit.

I appreciate you taking the time and to come over and take a peek.  I  would to love to hear your comments!

Have a great Wednesday!


P.S.  I still haven't found my protective sheet!


Angie said...

Way to go Sara!!! I've had my machine for like 4 years and I STILL don't know how to use it the way some people do! So congratulations to you for taking those first steps!!! said...

WOW I LOVE IT....You need to post a photo in the techniques and tutorial site under that technique YOU DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB....I LOVE IT...I am VERY VERY IMPRESSED
Hugs my friend

Sara said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments. I really appreciate them.

Hope you both have great days today!


Candice Windham said...

Sara, this is beautiful! I love the fouble pocket!

Candice Windham said...

I've had mine for four years also. Sara is so far ahead of me!

Sara said...

The Pazzles and software (I have the Pro) have alwas scared me.

They are like dogs and could smell my fear.

Last week I decided I was going to conquer that fear. I had some free time and in that time I have watched videos printed the directions, posted my questions and have learned to at least not be afraid anymore. I've even learned how to download a file!

Thank you Candice.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

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